The QRM is Back!

After almost 30 years spent working in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland (HB9DRV) I'm now back in the UK living in North Helford, Cornwall. As I get a station assembled I'm writing the software I want, and of course it's free to anyone else who wants to try it.

So dig in - as time marches on this collection of small programs will grow but will never become as complicated as Ham Radio Deluxe or, instead it's really just simple software by a very simple programmer.


Simon' Toolbox (Free)

This is a simple Windows program which displays Greyline, Geomagnetic Indices, Solar Data and Sunrise & Sunset.

Click on an image below for a full-sized screenshot.










            Chrome may report these kits as being malicious. They aren't - honest!

            MFC100u.dll/vcomp100.dll does not exist

            The kit contains the 2010 C++ Redistributable from Microsoft. If an essential C++ dll is not found on your computer you should be prompted to install this redistributable, without these dlls the software will not run!

            If you need to install this kit at a later date you will find it in the Windows Start menu.


            December 12th

            Fixed crashes due to data URL changes.

            October 23rd

            Fixed sunrise / sunset local time computation.

            October 21st

            Fixed Day / Night detection properly.

            Added more Great Circle display zoom options, you can now zoom up to 400%.

            October 8th

            Fixed Day / Night detection.

            October 7th

            Fixed DST transition problem in the sunrise/sunset display.

            Added icons to the side panes.

            Added Home to the main greyline display's center dropdown list - keeps the display centered on your home longitude.

            October 6th

            Added more maps.

            Added Great Circle projection.

            Fixed refresh bug with side pane 3.

            September 9th

            Added optional side panes, clock, solar data and geomagnetic data windows to the main display.

            July 22nd

            Fixed crash in satellite tracking DLL (GDI+ released too soon).

            Minor performance improvement.

            July 21st

            Added optional timezone boundaries using publicly available data available in shapefile format from

            July 14th

            Fixed problem changing the map in the Greyline window, the new map was not displayed until the program was restarted or resized..

            July 13th

            Added display of short/long path between home and other stations in Greyline.

            Added Time Offset in Greyline, select any date and time and see the corresponding greyline.

            July 11th

            Fixed bug displaying 90 and 365 days of solar data.

            Added 30 and 90 time ranges to sunrise & sunset display.

            Added Azimuth option in sunrise & sunset display.

            June 29th

            Changed Geomagnetic indices (A and K) to show either Middle Latitude, High Latitude or Estimated Planetary data.

            June 28th

            Added Geomagnetic indices (A and K).

            Fixed display problems with Solar Data.