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August 23rd, 2019: So, not a big station by any measure, but a nice location and an excellent 6 element LFA quad from Innov Antennas. I'm very pleased with the antenna - picking beacons from around Europe today.

The LFA-Q (Loop Fed Array Quad) Low-Noise Yagi takes a lot of the good points from the LFA Yagi and adds some more. the LFA-Q is a quad with a difference. Rather than placing symmetrical square or triangular shaped loops in a Yagi configuration, the LFA-Q uses the LFA Yagi style loops to produce high levels of side suppression, the difference being every element is a loop rather than just the driven element.

The station:

  • TS-2000,
  • No amplifier :( ,
  • 20m Ecoflex 15 Plus,
  • SSB Electronik SP-2000 mast-head preamp,
  • 3m Exoflex 10,
  • 6 element LFA quad on a Yaesu G-1000DXC rotator.

Only one day after getting the antenna assembled there is a nice lift - worked EA8TX in IL18qi, that's 1619.7 miles. Note: the pre-amp is getting on a bit (like the TS-2000 and G4ELI) but works well. If I buy a big amplifier I'll have to rethink the preamp setup.

To monitor the band I use the Airspy HF+ Discovery, soomer or later I'll get a small board inside the TS-2000 so I can use it as a panadapter.

6 Element LFA Quad



Below is EA8TX's signal - later he was S8! the noise you see comes from the gardeners' leaf-blower.

Simon's World Map

What do you do when you take a break from SDR coding? The answers obvious - write something else, in this case a nice map of the world with greayscale, space wetaher, time etc.

The reason for this map is that I need the time in front of me along with the greyline for 80m dx-ing, so why not combine the two?

Version 1.0.7 is now available here [link].


Stolen, one nice beef bone from neighbour's garden. The evidence is currently being eaten.